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rent this lounge furniture and light up furniture for your party long island ny
lounge furniture you can rent for your event or party
white lounge furniture for event rental on long island ny
Lounge Furniture rentals are available for your Sweet 16 or any special event. We have a large selection of different style pieces for you to choose
from like white couches, white ottomans, white benches, sectional circular couches that divide into four pieces and other cool nightclub style
furniture. We also have a light-up table and glow cube tables for rent that complement the lounge furniture.
Drapery Wth VIP Lounge Seating Areas are very popular. In this photo we did Hollow Country Club and we sectioned off a
corner area with drapery and made a lounge VIP seating area for 25 people. You can see glow cubes, light up coffee
tables, a glow bar, white benches and a white sectional lounge couch that we rented out to the client.
White Lounge Furniture Rentals are the most popular event furniture rental we offer. You can select from many different pieces to make cool private seating
areas for your party. You can mix and match our lounge furniture to create your ideal size and setup for your party guests. In the example below, see our
half-circle ottoman, high-back sectional white couch, and tall glow circle tables. This size seating area can accommodate about 6 people.
Event Furniture Rentals totally transformed this client’s living room into a nightclub lounge for their special event. All of our lounge
furniture have internal lights that complement any special event’s theme. With our light-up furniture, you can turn the room lights off
for that awesome lounge ambience.
lounge tables and long island lounge decor rentals for your sweet 16
Turn a hotel into a lounge using our lounge furniture rentals. For Lauren's Sweet 16 party, she selected high-hat tables with
colored lighting underneath, illuminated wall drapery, and moving head lighting on glow pedestals. Her vision and our event
furniture rentals turned this hotel banquet room into a beautiful lounge.
lounge furniture and drapery for rent at your event
Renting Elegant Lounge Furniture seating with drapery cabanas created a beautiful seating area at the event shown below. We used different styles of lounge
furniture like high-back sectional lounge couches, and 10 – 14-foot high pipe and drapery. To reinforce the lounge mood, we used our lighting to illuminate the
drapery and white furniture with changing colors throughout the night. A lounge furniture rental package of this size comfortably seats 35 people.
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We offer lounge furniture rentals including white couches, ottomans, benches, circle sectional couches and light-up lounge furniture. Our
event furniture rentals offer really fun glow cubes and light-up coffee tables. Set the mood with accessories using our complete lounge furniture
rental packages with drapery sections, VIP velvet ropes, and other lounge decor. Our nightclub furniture rental inventory has the coolest pieces
around and we guarantee the best pricing. Our Super Sweet Sixteens one-stop approach can help you create one package with our DJ, MC,
lounge lighting, photo, video, centerpieces, and lounge furniture rentals to simplify your event booking.

Our Long Island furniture rental pieces are all white and are free of any wear and tear to ensure your guests’ comfort. We offer individual pieces
for rent or complete room seating for up to 100 people.
Event furniture rentals are usually more cost-effective than renting an actual nightclub for your Sweet 16 party. Another
reason to choose a plain catering hall or other venue and work with us to transform it into a lounge is that we customize
the lighting, audio visuals, and lounge furniture setup to accommodate your specific event needs. We create lounge style
seating areas where your guests can sit and talk or have a drink away from the main table. Lounge seating areas offer a
more intimate and private setting for having a conversation or even playing video games. It is just more fun to sit on cool
lounge furniture in smaller groups than in banquet hall chairs at the dining table. Whether your Sweet Sixteen party has 20
to 200 guests, we can supply all the lounge decor to turn your party room into a nightclub scene. Scroll down to check out
photos from past parties that we transformed plain rooms into lounges and clubs for Sweet 16 parties.
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Check out our video channel on YouTube to
see cool videos of our Sweet 16 parties.
We can help you choose lounge furniture rental options that are cost-effective and perfect for your
Sweet Sixteen party size and theme. Call us today to begin planning your special event.

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