Sweet 16 Venues and Choosing The Right One

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Sweet 16 venues on Long Island vary based on the cost, layout and overall atmosphere that they will give your Sweet 16 party. Super Sweet Sixteens specializes in providing complete party packages including your Sweet 16 DJ, lighting, photography, invitations and more. Since we specialize in Long Island Sweet Sixteens parties, over the years we have worked in virtually all of the Sweet 16 venues on Long Island and the surrounding areas. We have been able to evaluate the good and bad aspects of each Long Island event venue which is very beneficial for our clients. There are many attributes that can cause your Sweet 16 party to be exactly like you envision or not. Things you may not consider or think are important can actually drastically change the feel and atmosphere of your party.

We Help Choose Your Sweet 16 Venue

Our clients come to us for our Sweet 16 DJ services and other cool stuff we do at our events. Many times families contact us before they have a location for their Sweet Sixteen and we can help them find the perfect Sweet 16 venue. Many people choose a Sweet 16 location based on the food or how fancy the place looks. For some Sweet 16 parties that is fine, for others it is not. What we have found from our extensive experience planning and throwing Sweet 16 parties is that kids want a nightclub atmosphere, not a fancy place with all the lights turned on all night. Renting a nightclub is a definite option but the cost is super high and most times the vibe inside is not that of a real nightclub.

Long Island Sweet 16 Venues

Super Sweet Sixteens specializes in transforming plain rooms into awesome nightclubs for our Sweet Sixteen parties on Long Island. We are familiar with all the Sweet 16 venues on Long Island as well as which ones allow the use of a fog machine, allow all the lights to be turned off as well as allow people to dance and be in control of the structure of their party. In general, we have found the more fancy a Sweet 16 venue, the stricter and less fun the parties are. We really do recommend getting a plain room like a Knights of Columbus or VFW hall and letting us transform the place into a nightclub for your party. There are nice and not-nice looking Sweet 16 venues available for your event, the key is to see the potential for an nightclub inside rather than the look of the place without us transforming the room. By choosing a plain room you will pay less and then your money will go toward our services which will make the location awesome for your Sweet 16.

sweet 16 venues on long island

Choosing a Sweet 16 venue on Long Island can be confusing. We specialize in working on Sweet 16 parties and help our clients find the best Sweet 16 venues. We have relationships with awesome Sweet 16 party places. Call us at 516-547-0965 to learn about Sweet 16 venues we work with.

Creating The Ideal Sweet 16 Venue

If you are planning a Sweet 16 party and need a venue or DJ services, Super Sweet Sixteens only works on the best Sweet 16 parties and our young staff has 10 years of Sweet 16 and nightclub party experience. Check out our website to see all the photos and videos of Sweet 16 venues that we have transformed into Sweet 16 party nightclubs.

Sweet 16 Planner

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A Sweet 16 planner can maximize the fun and minimize the stress of planning a celebration of young adult life. Especially in Long Island, NY, bigger and more formal events are the norm. For most, turning Sweet Sixteen is an important part of teenage-dom and the event ranks right up there with the wedding. A wedding planner is essential to ensure all the important details are handled and that the celebrants and their families and friends can relax and enjoy the experience. It is the same with planning a Sweet 16 party. If you are trying to do it yourself, we have shared some party planning tips below including a detailed Sweet 16 party checklist.

Sweet 16 Planner Checklist

Before printing off our comprehensive, detailed Sweet 16 party planner checklist, read through the high-level planning guide below. The key to reducing stress, other than hiring a party planner, is to start early, months before you think you need to.

Pre-planning: 10-12 months before the party

Planning an elaborate Sweet 16 definitely requires this much pre-planning. If your party is to be smaller and simpler, then you can probably reduce the timeline by 3 months.

Pick a date remembering that it does not have to be on the exact day or week of the birthday, especially when holidays, school events, and other celebrations may interfere. You want to pick a date when the most and most important people can attend.

Talk about who will be attending and the style of party. While some want a small, intimate party with just close friends and family, some will want a big, elaborate “coming out” event. This is where the budget can be made or broken. If something very special and formal is desired, but you have a small budget, you will only be able to accommodate a few guests. But if a simple theme with fewer details is preferred, more people can be invited.

Choose a venue that fits your budget, expected number of guests, and planned theme. Note that if you plan to rent many theme decorations, sometimes picking a very plain catering hall or banquet room is the best choice. Let the rentals build the fantasy of the party theme. Remember to consider alternatives like your yard, a park (consider the weather), or a community center.

Detailed Planning: 6-10 Months

Especially if you are planning a big event, consider sending save-the-dates notices. Using a postcard or magnet helps people remember to well, save the date!

Finalize a theme. This is often the most important part to the honoree. While selecting a theme talk about the ways that the theme will be created and provide your teen guidance on what fits in the budget.

Order themed Sweet 16 invitations well in advance so you have plenty of time to address them. It is advisable to do so, once you finalize the date, venue, and guest list (or at least number of guests).

Talk with caterers, bakers, florists, DJs, party rentals, and other suppliers to begin finalizing contracts. This is where a party planner can really help to ensure your contracts provide what you want and everything is coordinated.

Executing the Plan: 1-4 months before the party

This is the time when all the dreaming starts becoming reality. The more details and the more custom your party supplies are, the sooner you need to get started. This is when you start calling family and friends for help as delegation is the key to ensure it all gets done.

Select the dress. It can take months to get a custom dress finished and even weeks if multiple fittings are needed for an off-the-rack purchase. So be sure to give plenty of time for shopping and decision-making.

Finalize entertainment. A Sweet 16 party will not only include a program that honors the birthday girl or boy, but will also include enjoyment for all the guests. Consider all the types of guests coming. Most teens love music so hire a DJ to play popular music and keep the party going. If you have many older family members, keep in mind setting up a quieter place to sit and visit to take a break from the dance floor. Provide casino games or a photo booth to ensure guests get involved and ensure wallflowers have something to do.

Purchase or make party favors. If you purchase something custom, you will need lead time for them to arrive in time for the party. If you make the favors, you will need both time and help. Make it fun and memorable like Sweet 16 candy jars, themed koozies, or even themed ties and scarves.

Finish all projects like video montages, music selection for ceremonies, centerpieces, Sweet 16 candle holders, sign in boards, etc.

Counting Down: The Last Month

Mail the invitations!

Confirm all dates and details with suppliers. Double check the checklist to ensure it all got done.

Talk with anyone participating in a special part of a ceremony or toast to be sure that they have all the information they need.

Make a list of everything you and your recruited helpers will need to do the last week and the day of the party.

Get everything in one place. Separate what goes to the venue, everyone’s attire, and things you will take to the event like your camera so that you don’t have to spend time looking for things when you need them.

Day of the Event

Relax as much as you can and eat well. Try to stay on time for all hair and makeup appointments, photography appointment, and the party itself!

Have a great time!

Party’s Over

But the memories live on! Share pics online especially for those who could not make it but are wanting to be a part of the celebration.

Pay your suppliers on time. Ensure your teen writes the thank you notes in a timely fashion.

Start planning for graduation and college. ;-)

Party Planning Experiences

What are your party planning experiences? What can you add to the list? Share them below! If you find you need help with any aspect of planning a party, feel free to call the Sweet 16 planner specialists at Super Sweet Sixteens!

Sweet Sixteen DJ | Super Sweet Sixteens DJ

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Sweet Sixteen DJ Services For The Tri-State Area

The job of a Sweet Sixteen DJ is to keep the party entertaining, fun and high energy throughout the night. Here at Super Sweet Sixteens, we specialize in throwing and planning the absolute best Sweet 16 parties on Long Island, New Jersey and the whole Tri-State area. Not only do we supply DJ entertainment, we also have our own nightclub lighting, lounge furniture rentals, light up feather centerpieces and even custom nightclub theme Sweet 16 invitations. We have a complete staff for our Sweet Sixteen parties that perform and plan our parties every week. Our events stand out from any other parties due to our Sweet 16 experience.

Jobs Of A Sweet Sixteen DJ

A Sweet Sixteen DJ used to just have to make sure he had the latest music. Having the latest music is still top priority, however there are new trends at Sweet 16 parties like MTV music video mixing, sound effects, grand entrances and styles of music mixing that require extra concentration and dedication to learning these skills. We normally provide a two-man team for our parties, our DJ and also a separate MC host. The job of the MC host is to organize grand entrances, speak with the family and coordinate between the DJ and the event venue. This allows the Sweet Sixteen DJ to concentrate on the music and keeping the party going strong.

Booking Your Sweet Sixteen DJ and Party Planner

If you are planning a Sweet 16 party on Long Island or the Tri-State area, we recommend a free meeting with our staff to go over your ideas and plans. Sweet 16 parties are not executed the same way as a normal birthday party. Our parties are more like nightclub events that are customized specifically for our Sweet 16 girl and her guests. Our background is in actual NYC nightclub DJ and lighting design. We specialize in transforming plain rooms into beautiful lounges or nightclubs for our Sweet 16 parties to take place in. After the party we remove all of our lighting and lounge furniture and you are left with a plain room. We own all of the equipment we use which allows us to give very low pricing on large party packages that you would normally have to contract 2-3 companies to do.

To learn more about our Sweet Sixteen DJ services, please call us at 516-547-0965.

Visit our website at www.SuperSweetSixteens.com

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Our Sweet Sixteen DJ is the best on Long Island NY. We provide the hottest Sweet 16 parties with our DJ, nightclub lighting, feather centerpieces, lounge furniture and other cool Sweet 16 entertainment services.

The Best Sweet 16 Party

long island sweet 16 party dj

Here at Super Sweet Sixteens, we are often asked “What makes the best Sweet 16 party?”. Since all we do is Sweet 16 parties every week we have the answers you are looking for. A Sweet 16 party is no longer about having the fanciest place or the best food. Today, what Sweet 16 girls want is to re-create a nightclub in an event space that rivals an actual NYC nightclub experience. This seems impossible to do since most Sweet 16 DJ companies are no more than a second job for most event DJ companies.

Having The Best Sweet 16 Party

Super Sweet Sixteens is owned and operated by young individuals that are actively involved in NYC and Miami nightclub events, lighting, stage acts and nightclub decor. Our capabilities far exceed that of any other Sweet 16 DJ company because our staff has over 10 years of actual nightclub and lounge DJ, lighting and entertainment event production experience. Our staff has provided DJ services for NYC nightclubs and lounges as well as lounge furniture rentals, laser shows and nightclub lighting.  We bring lighting to your Sweet 16 party that no other DJ company has. Our staff has experience programming intense nightclub lighting shows that will transform your Long Island Sweet 16 party into an all out nightclub experience.

What Makes The Best Sweet 16 Party

There are certain things that make a Sweet 16 party stand out. First, rent a space for your Sweet 16 party that will let the DJ use a fog machine. A fog machine will add an instant nightclub feel to your Sweet 16. Many catering halls do not allow a fog machine since it will set off their smoke alarms. We recommend you DO NOT book a catering hall for your Sweet 16 party. Catering halls have too many rules and usually book 3-5 other events the day of your Sweet 16 party and do not give us enough time to setup our equipment and nightclub lighting.

Sweet 16 Party Location Pointers

We recommend you book a location for your Sweet 16 party that has the capability to be fully dark during your Sweet 16 party. Since we bring all of the necessary lighting to create a nightclub for your Sweet 16 party, we like when a place is fully dark which allows us to be in control of the lighting in the room. Many catering halls won’t let you turn off all the lights or even turn the lights off. Again, we recommend steering clear of catering halls. We can help you find the ideal Sweet 16 party location if you are having trouble.

Sweet 16 Party DJ

The Sweet 16 DJ is another key factor in providing the best Sweet 16 party. At one time, the Cotton Eye Joe and Cha Cha Slide were cool. Although some people still want these songs at their Sweet 16 party, it’s important to have a Sweet 16 DJ who is really up to date on the latest music. Here at Super Sweet Sixteens we are fully up to date on all the latest music. We update our music every day to ensure we have not only the newest music but also the matching MTV music videos that go along with the music.

The Best Sweet 16 Party Planning

If you are planning a Sweet 16 party on Long Island, New Jersey or Connecticut – please call us to help out and provide our Sweet 16 party services that will make your Sweet 16 party the best. We have over 6 years of experience throwing just the best Sweet 16 parties, but even more important, over 10 years of nightclub lighting and entertainment event planning experience. Our phone number is 516-547-0965. Our website is SuperSweetSixteens.com. We are located in Massapequa Long Island and serve all of NY, NJ and CT Sweet 16 parties.


long island sweet 16 party dj

Super Sweet Sixteens is the premier Long Island Sweet 16 party DJ service and party planning company. We specialize in Long Island Sweet 16 parties.


Feather Centerpieces and Sweet 16 Ideas

feather centerieces long island rental

Feather centerpieces for the tables at your Sweet 16 party will make your party stand out. Our feather centerpieces are available for rental for your Long Island Sweet 16 or New York City Sweet 16 party. We show up early in the day to setup all the feather centerpieces in your desired color. We allow you to choose the color of the feathers as well as the spandex tower. All of our feather centerpiece rentals have lights inside that make the centerpieces glow. If you turn off all the lights in the room, the lights in the feather centerpieces will make sure the guests tables will have enough light for them to see what they are doing.

The Best Feather Centerpieces For Rent

When it comes to feather centerpieces, there are many available online and each is different. It’s important to understand that not all feather centerpieces are the same. Things that vary from centerpiece to centerpiece are the feather type, feather length, centerpiece height, tower material and if they have lights inside. Even the type of light inside varies from company to company.

High Quality Feather Centerpieces Long Island

Super Sweet Sixteens uses the most expensive , 24″ – 36″ length, ostrich plume feathers – the highest quality available. Our centerpieces have three lights inside that are LED and will stay on for your whole party. Our feather centerpieces are 36″ -48″ tall and have a spandex tower. You are able to choose the color of the spandex tower as well as the feather colors. We usually recommend white spandex since it lights up the best. We recommend choosing a feather color that matches the colors of your Sweet 16 theme.

Zebra Feather Centerpieces and Animal Print

We also offer animal print centerpieces like zebra feather centerpieces and cheetah print feather centerpieces. These are super popular for Safari-themed Sweet 16 parties or for Sweet 16 parties with zebra print favors. We offer to fully setup, watch and take down our feather centerpiece rentals for parties of all sizes. We have upto 50 feather centerpieces for each party. Each centerpiece usually receives 50-75 feathers each depending on what type of look you want.

Please give us a call to visit our showroom and check out our feather centerpieces in person. Our phone number is 516 547 0965. We are located in Massapequa Long Island, NY. Our website is SuperSweetSixteens.com. To make sure your have the best Long Island Sweet 16, check out our Sweet 16 party checklist !

feather centerieces long island rental

Our feather centerpieces for your Sweet 16 party are available in many colors. They light up from the inside and are super tall. You can choose what color feather and light will match your party.