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Sweet 16 DJ For Long Island

Super Sweet Sixteens provides the best Sweet 16 DJ Long Island entertainment. We provide our Sweet 16 DJ services every weekend at the nicest Sweet 16 parties. There are many different DJ entertainment companies on Long Island that advertise for Sweet 16 parties, but only Super Sweet Sixteens specializes in Sweet 16 parties. It’s very important that a DJ at a Sweet 16 party play the newest music as well as be in touch with the young crowd to know what artists are popular or no longer popular. Only by playing music every week at parties does our Sweet 16 DJ know what the latest popular songs are.  Not only will we play the best Sweet 16 music at your party but our DJ also brings huge screens to play the matching MTV videos to their music.

Choosing A Sweet 16 DJ Long Island Host

A Long Island Sweet 16 DJ company can no longer just provide a DJ and simple lighting. As Sweet 16 DJ parties get larger and more extravagant, more is required for entertainment. Super Sweet Sixteens provides over the top lighting, lounge furniture rental, feather centerpieces, photo booth rentals and other Sweet 16 services to complement our Sweet 16 DJ entertainment. We are recognized by top Long Island catering halls and banquet halls as the best Sweet 16 DJ entertainment. We often get referrals from large catering halls who get clients who want the best Sweet 16 DJ and nightclub themed party.

We Provide Nightclub Sweet 16 DJ Entertainment

Super Sweet Sixteens DJ staff have years of experience working on large entertainment events, concerts, nightclub parties as well as MTV televised events. We bring this experience to your Sweet 16 party via our Sweet 16 DJ and make our parties stand out from others. Most Long Island DJ companies provide  a random Sweet 16 DJ who they may have never heard play music or even met in person. We get many clients who have dealt with other Long Island Sweet 16 DJ companies who were surprised to find out that the DJ at their party was someone totally different than they have been talking to about what music to play at their party. We provide our same Sweet 16 DJ at all of our parties and you get the opportunity to discuss what music you want to hear at your party as well as a chance to actually meet your Sweet 16 DJ in person.  Don’t get let down at your Sweet 16 party with a random DJ.

We offer hundreds of recent references from happy clients who hired us to provide their Sweet 16 DJ entertainment. Call us at 516 547 0965. Visit our website at


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Our Sweet 16 DJ is the best on Long Island NY. We provide the hottest Sweet 16 parties with our Sweet 16 DJ, nightclub lighting, feather centerpieces, lounge furniture and other cool Sweet 16 DJ entertainment services.

Sweet 16 Planning On Long Island NY

A Sweet 16 party is a once-in-a-lifetime birthday party that many girls look forward to. When planning your Sweet 16 party there are so many different options to choose from. A Sweet 16 party planner can help make your Sweet Sixteen stand out from other parties. Super Sweet Sixteens specializes in planning Sweet Sixteen parties on Long Island from the idea stage through staffing and throwing your party. We can help you choose the perfect Sweet 16 venue, party theme, decorations, Sweet 16 invitationsSweet 16 DJ, nightclub lighting, feather centerpieces, lounge furniture rental and other aspects of your Long Island Sweet 16 party.

Super Sweet Sixteens party planners will help you organize and visualize different Sweet 16 party ideas as well as simplify the whole planning process. Instead of dealing with multiple companies for decorations, DJ entertainment, photography, videography, Sweet 16 invitations, sign in boards, candle holders … let Super Sweet Sixteens be your Sweet 16 planning company. We have our own staff that specializes in planning amazing Sweet Sixteens every week. Our Sweet 16 planning specialists have awesome contacts at different venues and other event services that will really make your party stand out from other events.

Sweet 16 party planning is different than planning other birthday parties, especially on Long Island. Sweet 16 parties on Long Island are usually extravagant and take place at catering halls or nightclubs. It’s important to plan your party at least one year in advance to ensure you are able to reserve the date at the location where you want to have your party. Since many Sweet 16 venues usually only have space for one party per day, it’s important to have your Sweet 16 party planner help you choose your party location well in advance as the first step in planning your party.

Super Sweet Sixteens specializes in transforming plain looking rooms into an amazing nightclub atmosphere for your Sweet 16. Since we do this every weekend, we have many videos and photos from past parties we have planned to show you. This will help you get ideas fro past parties as well as see how certain decorations or decor looks. It’s important that your Sweet 16 planning person be experienced with Sweet Sixteen parties which is why many people choose to use our services. You want your friends to be very impressed with your party and it’s important to work with people who know what impresses teenagers. We plan and produce about 200 Sweet 16 parties on Long Island NY every year.

We are not just a Sweet 16 DJ entertainment company, but an entertainment event production company. Our staff has real world experience planning and producing large concerts, nightclub events, MTV events, awards ceremonies, celebrity parties and other cool events that most girls want their Sweet 16 party to resemble. Call us today at 516 547 0965 and speak with our party planning staff about your upcoming Super Sweet Sixteen party on Long Island.

Visit our brand new website to get ideas for your Sweet 16 at

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Long Island Sweet 16 party planning from Super Sweet Sixteens is the best. We will fully plan your Sweet Sixteen and have years of experience throwing the hottest Sweet 16 parties on Long Island.


Sweet 16 DJ On Long Island

Super Sweet Sixteens Provides The Ultimate Long Island Sweet 16 DJ Party Experience

Long Island hosts many extravagant Sweet 16 parties every weekend. The key to having the best Sweet 16 party is to choose the right DJ and party planner for your party. Your Long Island Sweet 16 DJ will be responsible for playing all the best music at your party as well as hosting the party to make sure all your friends and family are having a great time. There are many DJ service choices available on Long Island for your party. It is important to make sure that your party is handled by a Long Island DJ company that specializes in Sweet 16 parties.

Super Sweet Sixteens is the only DJ company on Long Island that plans Sweet 16 parties every week. They are a complete event production company that has a full staff, nightclub lighting, decorations and other cool stuff for your upcoming Sweet 16 party. The Long Island Sweet 16 parties they plan and create are usually nightclub theme parties. You pick your Sweet 16 location and Super Sweet Sixteens turns the venue into a customized nightclub just for your party. If you go online to their website they have tons of photos and videos of Long Island Sweet 16 parties they have planned and provided DJ services for.

The Sweet 16 DJ provided is young and energetic as well as current on all of the latest music that is popular. When you book your Sweet Sixteen party with Super Sweet Sixteens you are given a cool party packet that has a music form you can fill out to make sure your DJ has all your favorite songs.  You also have the option to add on large video screens so your Sweet 16 DJ can play the music videos to the songs during the night. If you are having trouble finding a Long Island Sweet 16 party location, ask Super Sweet Sixteens for their advice. They can help you choose the right Sweet 16 party location based on their past Long Island parties.

Super Sweet Sixteens is located on Long Island. Call them at 516 547 0965 or visit their official website at

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Super Sweet Sixteens is the premier Long Island Sweet 16 DJ service and party planning company. We specialize in Long Island Sweet 16 parties.


Welcome To The Super Sweet Sixteens Blog

Thanks for checking out the Super Sweet Sixteens blog. We will be updating this blog weekly with cool Sweet 16 party ideas and photos from our parties. Our company is your complete Sweet 16 party solution – we plan and produce they best Sweet 16 parties every week and are located on Long Island NY. We serve all of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and provide everything you need for a cool Sweet 16 party including our DJ, MC Host, nightclub lighting, lounge furniture rental, feather centerpieces, Sweet 16 invitations, sign in boards, candle holders, photography, videography and anything else you need to make your Sweet 16 party stand out from the rest.

Super Sweet Sixteens is the most well known Sweet 16 party planning company on Long Island. Don’t be misled by other DJ companies calling themselves Super Sweet Sixteen DJs as they have no relationship with our company.

We have our own staff and are able to make one complete Sweet 16 package for your upcoming party. All you need is the place to have the party and the food. We provide all of the music, decorating, entertainment, invitations, photography, videography and tons of other cool stuff that we list on our website. Our staff is young and we specialize in turning plain rooms into a nightclub just for your Sweet 16 party. We customize all of the lighting and decorations for your party and since we do everything with our own staff and equipment we are able to give you the best possible pricing.

Check out our website to see cool videos and photos from recent Sweet 16 parties. Also check out our Super Sweet Sixteens FaceBook page to see recent reviews of our parties and photos from the parties. We play all the most recent music and the lighting and lounge furniture we offer is much nicer than what other typical DJ companies offer. We usually meet every client in our Long Island office and go over your goals and needs for the party and make one awesome package of our services. There are many Sweet 16 DJ companies on Long Island, we encourage you to look around and compare our party photos and videos to other DJ companies to see the difference in our parties.

Check out our website at and feel free to call us at 516 710 1280.


long island sweet 16 party dj at russos on the bay howard beach queens

This photo is a Sweet 16 party we did at Russos On They Bay. Our Sweet 16 lighting is the nicest offered by any DJ company. We offer complete Sweet 16 party packages that include room lighting like this along with our Sweet 16 DJ, MC Host, photography, videography, invitations and more. Check out our website at