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Our photography professionals communicate with our DJ, MC host, and party staff throughout the event to ensure
videographer ensure not a moment is missed. Using outside professionals can result in lost opportunities as they
may not be familiar with the structure of our parties and are not familiar with DJ or MC host.

Our professionals use high-definition professional photo and video cameras and give you the master photo CD at no
additional cost. You can choose additional options of DVD videos, photo prints, or a Sweet 16 photo album similar to
wedding-style photo albums with thick imprinted cardboard pages and acrylic album covers. Please ask about our
hundreds of recent references for our photo and video services.
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event photography at long island sweet 16 party
Pre-Party Photography is available to take photographs in the afternoon before the party starts. Our professional photographer can meet
with you and your family and friends outside during the day to take photos or jump in your limo and go to different scenic areas. We also offer
to come to your house and take pictures of you getting ready for your Sweet 16. Our Sweet 16 photographers are young so party girl and her
guests feel comfortable. Taking pre-party photographs is a great way to ensure all the important people in your Sweet 16 girls family get to
Sweet 16 Poses are important to my Sweet 16 girls. Candid shots of party guests are fun, but
having our Sweet 16 photography professionals pose the party girl and her friends into cool
poses like the one below make her night that more special.
Candid Photography is another type of Sweet 16 photography we take at your party. Some candid photography is staged like this
photo while others are taken as the party activities are happening. We mix up the styles of pictures taken at your Sweet Sixteen party
so that you get a little of everything. This makes your Sweet Sixteen photo collection fun for years to come.
sweet 16 party at terrace on the park queens new york
Sweet 16 Party Photography is chosen by 99% of our Sweet 16 party clients. We take photos at close range so you can see your guests' faces and
capture their emotions. Our professionals know how to capture special moments like the grand entrance as well as group shots and table
photographs to capture all your friends and family. Our professionals are experience at posing your Sweet 16 candle lighting ceremony so each
candle lighting gets a photograph with everybody looking at the camera.
juelz santana at super sweet sixteen party
sweet 16 grand entrance photograph at crest hollow country club
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Request Us To Call You About Sweet 16 Photography & Video
We offer Sweet 16 party package options for professional and specialized Sweet 16 photography and
videography. Our Sweet Sixteen parties are filled with so much excitement and fun, you might miss a moment.
So having an onsite photographer lets you see what you missed after the party. Our DVD videos, photo prints,
and Sweet 16 photo albums provide years of memories from your special event.
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Check out our video channel on YouTube to
see cool videos of our Sweet 16 parties.
Our party planners want to ensure you know what you are getting in Sweet 16 photography. When other Long
Island DJ companies offer "zap shot" photography, your event will not be covered by a professional. Zap shot
photography means that the Sweet 16 DJ helper will have a camera and be walking around taking pictures. These
pictures may be nice or they may be disappointing. Because we have heard many stories from families that who
have been disappointed by DJ zap shots lack of professional photo quality, we want you to know that we offer only
professional photography and videography. Our professionals know how to pose you and your guests to look your
best in your Sweet 16 party photos. We have thousands of professional photographs from past Sweet 16 parties
we can show you. Scroll down to view some recent photos of Sweet 16 party girls and parties.
Landmark Photography is offered as a fun way to bring in Sweet 16 girl's neighborhood or favorite places. Meet our photographer
at local landmarks for some super special photos. You can even take your limo to the desired locations. The photo below was
taken at the World's Fair Globe for a Sweet 16 party we did at Terrace On The Park. Daytime photography between 4 and 6 in the
afternoon is called golden hour, because the light cast by the setting sun is makes the photos look, well, golden!
In addition to our professional photography options, we off professional Sweet 16 videography.
Shooting the videos is often part of the Sweet 16 entertainment as everyone loves to dance and wave
in front of the camera. We provide a high definition video DVD of your Sweet 16 party that you can watch
anytime to experience how much fun you had at your party.

Professional Sweet 16 Photography and Videography

Zap Shots is Not Professional Sweet 16 Photography

Professional Sweet 16 Videography

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