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Dual Video Screens are very popular for larger rooms and make your Sweet 16 DJ setup look very impressive. You can
choose to show the same thing on both screens or show different videos or pictures on each screen.
Video Games are very popular at Sweet 16 parties, especially with boy guests. We can hook up the video display to our huge DJ party video projection
screens to enhance the video game play experience. Our video game console options include PlayStation and X-Box with the most popular games.
We can even link screens together in separate areas so people can play each other even if they are not in the same room. In this photo, the guests are
playing Guitar Hero a private hangout lounge area we created using drapery.
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Our most popular Sweet Sixteen DJ party video project options are our 10-foot HD LCD screens. You can choose to
use our screen rentals in multiple rooms or many screens in one room of your Sweet 16 party. We can show the
same video on each screen or different videos and photos on each screen during your Sweet 16 party.
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Check out our video channel on YouTube to
see cool videos of our Sweet 16 parties.
Selecting our Sweet 16 DJ screen rentals as an option for your Sweet Sixteen party, enables our DJ to sync MTV music videos with the DJ music. If we provide
photography at your party, then we can also show the pictures on the screen that we are taking at your bash. Our staff can also show home videos, baby photo
montages, movies or anything else you provide.

Other ideas for your DJ party video projection are showing a favorite movies or old TV shows in the background during your Sweet 16 party. You can even choose
to stream live video feeds of your party. Choosing funny photos you've collected over the years as well a favorite moving like classic Disney movies personalizes
your Sweet Sixteen party and enhances the party mood while the DJ is playing dance music and all the party lights are pulsating and flashing.
We can help you select DJ screen rental options that fit your chosen Sweet 16 venue and
your theme. We will talk with you about where your party will be, who will be guests, and
what your Sweet 16 girl wants. Then we can suggest a set-up of DJ video projection to
make your daughter’s Sweet 16 a party to remember.

Sweet 16 DJ Screen Rentals

Cool Ideas for Video Projection At Your Sweet Sixteen Party

Sweet 16 DJ Screen Rentals Options are Limitless

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