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Our sound equipment is high quality so you will not have any distracting distortion during your event. Please ask to talk
with our references from the hundreds of successful and entertaining Sweet 16 DJ parties we have produced.

We offer many DJ setup options (check out the photos below for ideas). Pairing our DJ with a separate MC host keeps
the party hyped and the agenda of traditions running smoothly.
picture showing a sweet 16 dj setup with mtv videos
sweet 16 dj with dance stages and light-up dj booth
MTV Music Video DJ - This professional DJ setup brings a whole new level of Sweet Sixteen entertainment for your party guests. We have thousands
of music videos for virtually every song that has a music video. The DJ spins the tunes and syncs the video with the music so all your guests can
watch and dance along with the music videos. If you have guests who prefer to sit, they are also entertained by the music video DJ.
Light Up DJ Booth & Dance Stages -  Our light-up DJ booth adds to the excitement and party atmosphere. You and your friends can dance on
the stages all night just like in the coolest NYC nightclubs. The dance stages also light-up to make the appearance of the DJ look awesome. In
the photo below, this Sweet 16 party chose the options of 2 dance stages, the light-up DJ booth, and three video screens synching MTV music
videos to the DJs music. We offer up to 10 light-up dance stages and 10 screens for your Sweet 16 DJ party.
Nightclub DJ Lighting - While our DJ plays the newest music and old favorites your friends want to hear, our Sweet Sixteen entertainment
offers and option for special nightclub lighting to set the stage to get everyone on their feet and dancing. Our team has real experience in the
hottest NYC and Miami nightclubs so we know how to turn your Sweet 16 venue into a nightclub experience.
A Light-Up DJ Booth - This is the favorite Sweet Sixteen entertainment option for most of our Sweet 16 DJ parties. The booth’s white acrylic panels with black framing
make it possible to change the color of your Sweet 16 DJ booth. So you pick the color or choose multiple colors. You can even change colors during the night. Our variety
of light-up DJ booth sizes provides the right option for your Sweet 16 venue no matter how large or small. The example below is our standard size DJ setup.
picture showing sweet 16 dj setup with dance stages
sweet sixteen dj with light-up dj booth
Super Sweet Sixteens  - Sweet 16 DJ Parties & Planning For Long Island, NY, NJ & CT
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see cool videos of our Sweet 16 parties.
Sweet Sixteen entertainment delivers all the current music trends such as house, trance, dubstep, EDM (electronic dance music), hip hop,
rap, R&B, pop, and all the great dance remixes…we have them all. Plus, if you include a video projection rental, our DJ will sync MTV videos
with the dance beats to your party hyped and happening. Of course, our DJs take your guests requests to keep the party fun for everyone.
Good DJs play good music; great DJs keep the party going! Want your Sweet 16 DJ party entertainment to amaze? You
want a DJ who not only plays the coolest tunes (and avoids playing “The Chicken Dance”), but you want a DJ who
knows how to build the excitement and keep it going. Our DJs and our MC hosts know how to work a crowd and get your
friends and family on their feet and having a good time. Our DJs love music, but they love a party more.
Great music and amazing lights and décor are the beginnings of a good party. But to ensure a good time from start to finish,
you need a DJ and MC host who can keep the party flawlessly moving from introductions to court of honor to the grand
entrance all the way through the Sweet 16 candle ceremony to the cutting of the cake. Our DJ, MC host, and supporting staff
are experienced in balancing the fun of the party with the responsibilities to ensure the importance of the Sweet 16 is honored
with the traditions. Appropriate songs for the perfect grand entrance, father-daughter dance, Sweet 16 candle ceremony, and
any other tradition you want on your party agenda. Now that is how the best Sweet 16 DJ parties are done.

Sweet Sixteen DJ Entertainment

Our Sweet Sixteen entertainment plays the music you want to hear.

Our DJs will rock your Sweet 16 Long Island, NYC, NJ, or CT

Sweet Sixteen entertainment is more than just a good time

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