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When you think of planning a Sweet 16 DJ Party, it is hard to know where (and when) to begin. Most people find that using a
detailed checklist helps reduce stress and ensure that the party is fun for all. Below is a checklist for you to use when planning
your Sweet 16 event. If you have a simpler event, just cross things off the list!

(Tip: At the end of the checklist are questions to ask Super Sweet Sixteens and other vendors during the selection process.).
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Sweet 16 DJ Party Planning Checklist

Check Out Super Sweet Sixteens Party Planning To-Do List

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12+ Months

  •        Begin talking (and dreaming) about the type of Sweet Sixteen you and your family want to have. Formal in a hotel ballroom or banquet hall?
  •        Casual get-together at home? Do you want a big celebration or small gathering? Do you want it to be fun and exciting or serious and thoughtful
                       (such as a group charitable activity)? Need help getting started? It is never too early to start working with a party planner who can show you pictures
                       of past parties and suggest Sweet 16 venues and other vendors like caterers. (Tip: even if you are not in the Long Island or Tri-State area, you can
                       visit Super Sweet Sixteens’ website for party theme ideas.)
  •        Determine the budget.
  •        Select a couple of dates and times and check with family calendars, school calendars, and special guests of honors.
  •        Begin interviewing party planners if you will need one. We hope you will use Super Sweet Sixteens if you are in the Long Island or Tri-State area,
                       because Sweet 16 DJ parties are our specialty. Otherwise ask family and friends for recommendations.

10 to 12 Months

  •        Hire Super Sweet Sixteens as your Sweet 16 DJ and party planner to help with all these details.
  •        Get organized! Get a notebook or file folder to house all your Sweet Sixteen planning paperwork in one place. This will relieve a lot of stress when
                       looking for a phone number or contract…and it can be fun to collect ideas in.
  •        Begin working on a preliminary Sweet Sixteen guest list and decide on your Sweet Sixteen’s approximate size.
  •        Visit the Sweet 16 venue or venues you are interested in to ensure that it accommodates the number of guests you want to entertain.  Book it soon
                       as possible to ensure you get your preferred date.  (Tip: Plain rooms are more budget-friendly freeing up funds to spend on the decorations to make
                       the venue look like you want it to look.)
  •        Start selecting a caterer, your party planner might be able to recommend one. Talk with them about the price per head and the type of menu.
  •        If you plan to have a website or social media account for the event to provide information and get everyone involved as well as to share pictures and
                       videos afterward, now is the time to set it up.
  •        Choose a Sweet 16 theme and color scheme.
  •        Finalize the guest list.
  •        Decide on the type of music you want and start thinking about special songs. Audition Sweet Sixteen bands or DJs and sign a contract (Tip: Check to
                       ensure the venue contract has the same date as the band or DJ contract.).  
  •        Discuss style and pricing options with various party planners, decorators, or florists.
  •        Discuss services and price lists from photographers and videographers, if it is not party of the package your Sweet 16 party planner offers.  

6 to 8 Months

  •        Find a baker to make your Sweet Sixteen cake. Your Sweet 16 party planner or caterer can make recommendations.
  •        Reserve photographer and/or videographer, decide on a package, sign contract, and send deposit.
  •        Choose your decorator or florist and send a deposit to reserve their services.
  •        Select any special attire such as the Sweet 16 dress, tuxedos, or other formal wear as sometimes to get what you want requires long order times
                       and most items will require tailoring. Also, remember the tiara!
  •        Finalize menu and service details with the caterer.
  •        Order your Sweet Sixteen invitations and announcements with plenty of extra envelopes.
  •        Order any other custom items such as personalized party favors (water bottles with your Sweet 16’s picture on them, personalized M&M’s) or Sweet
                       16 candle holders.
  •        If you will be having many out-of-town guests, make arrangements for special pricing with quality hotels near the Sweet 16 venue. Prepare
                       information to accompany the invitation. Include the information online if you have a website or social media account for the event.

4 to 6 Months

  •        Using a sketch of the venue, draw a floor plan to include the sign-in board, Sweet 16 candle-lighting ceremony, coat check, cake display, dance floor,
                       dining tables, lounge area, DJ booth or stage for the band, and all the other elements you are planning.
  •        Finalize all decorating details such as Sweet 16 centerpieces, linen colors, wall draperies, lighting, Sweet 16 candleholder, and other elements you
                       want to include.
  •        Reserve tables, chairs, tents, and/or other rental equipment such as casino games or photo booths that you will need according to your venue
                       sketch and decorating plans.
  •        Begin collecting photos and memorabilia for a scrapbook or memory board and, if used, a video montage shown during the party.

2 Months Before

  •        Plan any special parts of the party such as the honorees for the Sweet 16 candle lighting ceremony and special song for the father-daughter dance.
  •        Make notes to give to your vendors if you think of items you need such as special music, candle holder, or a floral arrangement.
  •        Arrange parking or valet service and any required security personnel for the Sweet Sixteen party, if needed.
  •        If you are having the party at your home, arrange to have any extra cleaning services for before and after the party. Also, determine secure places for
                       your pets to ensure they feel safe and do not annoy your guests.
  •        Buy paper plates, napkins, silverware, glasses, or arrange for rentals if not provided by your party planner or caterer.
  •        Order liquor, wine and/or champagne if not included in the catering contract.
  •        Buy a guest sign-in book or sign-in board and a pretty pen.
  •        Begin addressing invitations. File them alphabetically so you can find one easily if you need to double check it.
  •        Prepare any special items such as welcome bags for your out-of-town guests to enjoy while staying in their hotels.
  •        Provide photos and video for the video montage to your party planner or photographer if one will be shown during the party.
  •        Make hair and make-up appointments.

1 Month Before

  •        Mail invitations. Remember to add extra postage for overseas guests.
  •        Finalize a list of key songs that you want played (or not played) by your DJ or band.
  •        Complete all final fittings for the Sweet 16 party attire.
  •        Buy thank you notes, stamps, and return labels. Prepare the thank you notes with return address and stamps. If you have already received special
                       help or a gift from someone, go ahead and write the thank-you note. It will feel great to have that done!
  •        Go over the list of decorations and other party plans to ensure that everything is taken care of. Buy anything you will need that is not taken care of by
                       the vendors like party favors.

2 Weeks Before

  •        Follow-up with guests who have not sent their RSVP for the Sweet 16 party. It may seem rude, but, you need a final head count and if they have not replied, then they are     
                       actually the rude ones!
  •        If you are having a meal, finalize a seating chart and make place cards. If you are using a calligrapher, send the names…check spelling!
  •        Provide a final head count to the party planner or caterer. Give them a copy of your venue sketch and seating chart. Confirm set-up times,
                       instructions, and menu.
  •        Call the venue manager to get any special instructions to ensure your vendors have access to the site when they need it.
  •        Confirm head count, delivery time, and location with the baker.
  •        Confirm delivery locations, times, and décor plans with the decorator or florist.
  •        Prepare toasts or thanks to friends and family.
  •        Confirm all final payment amounts with your vendors.
  •        Finish the scrapbook or memory board.
  •        Confirm location, date, and time with videographer.
  •        Confirm location, date, and time with photographer for any pre-event photos as well as the party photos. Create a list of photos you want taken and
                       give it to the photographer.

The Week Of The Party

  •        Pick up food and beverages not provided by your party planner or caterer.
  •        Buy extra film or memory card and batteries. Charge camera and video batteries.
  •        Recruit a friend to run errands on party day.
  •        Wrap gifts for Sweet 16 and guests.
  •        Make cardholder and set up decorations/memorabilia
  •        Confirm hotel reservations for out of town guests and deliver any maps or welcome bags to be given to the guests upon their arrival.
  •        Review guest list with your teen and talk about your expectations during the party
  •        If having the party at home, make final arrangements for cleaning chores inside and outside to be completed.

The Day Before The Sweet 16

  •        Get plenty of rest, water, and good food!
  •        Drop off party favors, guest book or sign-in board with pen, and any other items you will be supplying at the Sweet 16 party venue.
  •        Set up the tent on the day before the party.
  •        Confirm delivery of rental equipment and plan to be there to inspect deliveries.
  •        If having the party at home, inspect inside and outside to ensure all cleaning chores have been completed.
  •        Confirm with people who are planning to give toasts at the Sweet 16 party.

The Day Of Your Sweet Sixteen

  •        Wake up your Sweet 16 with breakfast in bed (or let them sleep…you know your kid).
  •        Take a moment to tell your special Sweet 16 how much you love her or him.
  •        Secure the pets and important valuables if you are having the party in your home.
  •        Arrive on time for hair and makeup appointments.
  •        Set tables, serving tables and beverages
  •        Set out non-perishable food early
  •        Set out perishable food at the last minute
  •        Give your Sweet 16 a big hug and let the celebration begin!

After the Sweet Sixteen Party

  •        Upload your digital pictures and videos onto your website or social media account.
  •        Check to ensure all vendors are paid in full.
  •        Find out when you can expect your photo proofs and edited Sweet Sixteen video (if you used a videographer).
  •        Write all thank-you notes within a couple of weeks of the party.

Things to ask your vendors:

  •        Is there a price difference between holding the party on a weekday vs. weekend or during the day time versus night time?
  •        What is the payment schedule?
  •        What types of payment are accepted?  
  •        What is the policy for paying gratuities?
  •        What is the cancellation policy?
  •        Is there an option to extend the hours if the party keeps rocking? What is the cost to extend the party hours?