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Nightclub & Lounge Lighting for your Long Island Sweet 16 party is one of our specialties. We own the best nightclub lighting and we have
10 years of experience using it at top NYC and Miami nightclubs. Our event lighting is very expensive and totally transforms the room. No
other DJ company has the same lighting we have. Your Sweet 16 party with us includes a lighting designer to design your party.
3D Professional Laser Shows for your Long Island Sweet 16 party are only available from Super Sweet Sixteens. Our nightclub laser rental is way
beyond any laser show that other DJ companies offer. Our blue, green, and rainbow lasers are featured at NYC nightclub and television concerts. We
have a license to use this laser at private events and it will make your Sweet 16 party stand out from all other parties you've been to.
Lounge Furniture Rentals for your Long Island Sweet 16 party will create a cool lounge seating area for your
people to enjoy quieter conversations or create a VIP seating area at your Sweet 16 girl.
for  that are over four feet tall with Spandex towers that add to the drama. We use premium 24" ostrich plume feathers for that
centerpiecesdeluxe look you cannot get from less expensive feathers. You can choose feather colors, Spandex patterns and colors, even
uplights, downlights, and internal lights to make your Long Island Sweet 16 party a one-of-a-kind visual experience.
Video Screens & Plasma Screens for your Long Island Sweet 16 party provide awesome entertainment and help to keep the party going. Adding
project screens to your Sweet 16 party package enables the DJ to sync MTV music videos with your dance tunes. You can also show photos from
your party as it is happening or provide baby photo montages, favorite movies, or other fun clips to share with your friends and family.
Sweet 16 Sign In Boards - We customize your Long Island Sweet 16 sign-in boards with your photo. At your Sweet 16
party, we display the finished product along with an easel and silver paint markers so all your family and friends can leave
messages to remember. Take the sign in board home and frame it for a lifetime of memories.
Sweet 16 Invitations for your Long Island Sweet 16 party are custom made by our artists based on the Sweet 16 theme you choose and the
colors you want. Each invitation is printed on a professional printing press. If you wish to include your photo on the invitation, we can take the both
sides. They are the perfect announcement for your Sweet 16 Long Island party.
Sweet 16 Candle Holders are made by our in house craftsman and are available for all popular Long Island Sweet 16 themes like masquerade, winter
wonderland, Hollywood or any other request that you may have. We can make these any way you like and fully customized for your Sweet 16. Our
Sweet Sixteen
candle holders are yours to keep at the end of the party. We offer these to rent as well if you just want it for the party and not to keep.
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Super Sweet Sixteens  - Sweet 16 DJ Parties & Planning For Long Island, NY, NJ & CT
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58 Thorne Avenue - Massapequa - NY 11758    Email :
super sweet sixteens youtube videos
Check out our video channel on YouTube to
see cool videos of our Sweet 16 parties.
Super Sweet Sixteens helps you plan your Sweet 16 Long Island party from beginning to end. We take care of every detail and that is why we are known to throw the
best Long Island Sweet 16 parties. Our DJs, MCs, and party rental inventories are current with all the latest Sweet 16 party trends.
We are based out of Massapequa, Long Island and we provide our Sweet 16 DJ services for all of Long Island, NY, NJ and Connecticut.

Don't be fooled by other DJ companies calling themselves "Super Sweet Sixteens".
Our only address is 58 Thorne Ave - Massapequa NY, our only phone number is 516 547 0965.
Our Sweet 16 DJs have all the newest music that you and your friends want to hear. Our party planners and in-house designers
amazing nightclub lighting, 3-D laser light show, lounge furniture rentals, feather centerpiece rentals, Sweet 16 invitations,
photography, videography, sign in boards and anything you need for the ultimate Sweet Sixteen party.

Our Sweet 16 parties stand out from any other DJ company because of our team's personal experience working with MTV and in
New York City and Miami nightclubs. It is because of our professional staff that we are able to have our own high-power 3-D
laser show that requires a license to build and operate. We specialize in transforming plain rooms and catering halls into a
nightclub or other themed room for your party.
Scroll down and check out some of our Long Island Sweet 16 parties.
When you hire Super Sweet Sixteens to throw your party, there are no additional third parties or sub-contractors to work with. We have our own
Long Island Sweet 16 DJ and party staff who work every party we throw. We own all of the event lighting, lounge furniture, feather centerpieces,
decorations, and everything else you see on this website. Unlike other Long Island DJ companies, we never throw the same party twice. Our
parties are very customized towards and are as special as your own Sweet 16 girl. You choose color schemes, party themes, party lighting
options decoration styles, cool nightclub flyer style invitations, and can even book a celebrity to come perform at your Sweet 16.

We consistently throw the best parties around. Our staff's 10 years of actual Long Island and NYC nightclub lighting, DJ, and event
entertainment experience shows. Our professional staff have even worked MTV on events like the Movie and Music Video awards. You only get
to have one Sweet 16 party so let Super Sweet Sixteens make sure you have the best one out of all your friends. Below are some options you
can select for your Sweet 16 DJ party on Long Island.

Nightclub Themed Long Island Sweet 16 Parties

Complete Sweet 16 DJ Long Island NY Party Planning

We are a Sweet 16 Long Island One-Stop Shop

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