Name in Lights

We custom make gobos , name in lights and graphics for any type of event.  Some events include Sweet 16s , fashion shows , weddings , award shows.


Name in lights customized graphic for your next event. We custom make computer monograms that fit any wording , shapes or colors you would like to have at your party. This can help turn your party into a particular theme. Name in lights are also called a Gobo or a Monogram which will stand out when the guests arrive to see your decorated room. This is a rental item.

What is a Sweet 16 party about? The girl! Our Sweet 16 party lighting options include fully customizable “monogram”. Choose any font, style, theme, or color for our lighting designer to create just for you. Only your own imagination limits what we can make. Choose from snowflakes, celebrity awards, hearts, peace signs, or any other shapes or graphics you want to use with the name.