Uplights & Wall lights

Our uplights & wall lights can be used for any event or theme. We can program them to match any color you have picked out for your party.


Uplights & Wall lights are used to help transform a room and change the room to fit your party colors. Uplights can be programmed by our team to match a wide choice of colors that you picked out for your event. They can be wireless to be placed anywhere in the room or they can be hard wired for a long event. Our Wall lights can also be programmed to go to a show where they can change colors , flash , strobe or go to the music. We have all different power ratings or the intensity.

Another amazing feature for party lighting is to use these room lights with the outdoor feature. We can light up buildings on the outside any color you choose. We have water proof lights in stock as well. Here is a link to show you what outdoor LED lights can do for the outside of a building or even for a house party. http://whitelightled.com/50-collection-of-outdoor-event-lighting-rental/lighting-and-av-hire-in-adelaide-for-weddings-and-corporate-events-from-outdoor-event-lighting-rental/

Uplights , Room lights and Wall lights can even be added to pipe and drapery so you can make a blank canvas in white to capture the exact colors of the room. These lights will always look the best on white drapes or a white room background.

A good way to find the exact lighting you want is to search for it. If you find a photo of something you like we have a warehouse filled with lights and can program shapes , colors , graphics you see in a picture you find. Here are some word phrases to help find a photo we can replicate.
The best part is we always setup and clean up the lights to ensure they come out the best with one of our lighting technicians.
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