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We offer DJs , Mcs , Dancers , Breakdancers for Wedding parties and events.

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Wedding DJs have to be perfect for your event. We always dress up in suits and can also custom wear ties or clothes upon request. We have worked in all the venues located on our site and a lot more that are not mentioned. We save all the music from every event we have done, so we have a huge selection of every song new or old. We also send you a planning sheet to pick out custom songs for first dance , grand entrance , bouquet toss , garter throw and parent dances. We also have cocktail and ceremony speakers. Our Wedding DJs have worked for music stores and have been in charge for music supplies to record labels.

Sweet Sixteen entertainment delivers all the current music trends such as house, trance, dubstep, EDM (electronic dance music), hip hop, rap, R&B, pop, and all the great dance remixes. Plus, if you include a video projection rental, our DJ will sync MTV videos with the dance beats to your party hyped and happening. Of course, our DeeJays take your guests requests to keep the party fun for everyone.

Our sound equipment is high quality so you will not have any distracting distortion during your event. We can setup wireless and multiple microphones for performances, guest appearances. We can and have gotten celebrities for private events. Please ask to talk with our references from the hundreds of successful and entertaining Sweet 16 DJ parties we have produced. We offer many DJ setup options. Pairing our DJ with a separate MC host keeps the party hyped and the agenda of traditions running smoothly.

The areas we cover are Long Island including all of Nassau & Suffolk county , New York , Manhattan NYC , Westchester , Bronx , Brooklyn , Queens , New Jersey , Connecticut , Pennsylvania , Staten Island. If you area is not listed please call and we can make arrangements.

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