The best Sweet 16 parties begin with the excitement generated by fantastic original invitations.

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The best Sweet 16 parties begin with the excitement generated by fantastic original invitations. Whether you choose a popular Sweet 16 theme like nightclub, Winter Wonderland, masquerade, or red carpet or you fully customize your theme, we can design a matching invitation. Each Sweet 16 invitation design begins with a blank canvas so we can make your invites exactly what you want. We also have the option to make non-themed invites with just your photo and text on them. Our artists will work with you and take your direction to create the perfect Sweet Sixteen invitation for you.
Some Theme Ideas Are :
Winter Wonderland is a popular Sweet 16 theme that we include on Sweet Sixteen invitations. For this invite example, we took a photo of Brittney in our office and then cut her image out and superimposed it onto our Winter Wonderland background so it looks like she is there. We added the snowflakes and fully customized the artwork exactly as she requested.
Nightclub Theme invitations are our most popular invitation theme. The idea behind out nightclub style party invitations is so that your guests will feel like they are attending an exciting and exclusive nightclub event. Many of the girls don’t want their photos on the invite and prefer the Sweet Sixteen in the font the in the font the Sweet 16 girl chose on top of a nightclub background exactly as she requested.Sweet 16 girl chose on top of a nightclub background exactly as she requested.
Masquerade Theme Sweet 16 invitations are another very popular theme. In this example invitation we took a photo of Celina and superimposed her onto our nightclub background. We added some masks and script font as she requested and the invite looks awesome. If you choose the masquerade theme, but do not want to have your photo on the invitation, we can add more masks or other masquerade-themed graphics.
Under The Sea is a cool theme for your Sweet 16 party and invitations. In this example invitation, we created this cool invite for Samaria. This custom theme helped her set the stage for her awesome Under the Sea Sweet 16 party from the moment her guests received the invitation in the mail until the moment they walked into the Under The Sea nightclub we created for her Sweet 16 event.
Hollywood Red Carpet themed Sweet 16 invites provide the beginning for all the glitz and glamor of any red carpet event. If your Sweet 16 girl follows all the awards shows on television, then she is sure to love the excitement of waving to her own paparazzi as she enters her Sweet 16 party on a real red carpet spotlighted between chrome posts and themed lighting in the shape of Oscars. What better way to complement that theme than to have an invite like the example below. We took a photo of Chanel and put her right on the red carpet for this invite.